Patient Testimonial

Scott Samuelson

Scott Sameulson

Scott purchased a motorcycle to restore for his stepson in June 1992. He was 27 when he took it for a test drive, unaware that his life would be forever altered.
“I was going about 70 mph when I hit a patch of dirt and was thrown 40 feet in the air and 60 feet across into a yard,” Scott recalls.
Scott briefly remembers waking up at the scene unable to get up. Later, he awoke in the ICU of a local hospital. Scott had suffered a crushed T12 vertebra, a partial spinal cord injury. Surgery was performed, but it was not 100 percent successful.
After six days in the hospital, Scott was transferred to Mid America Rehabilitation Hospital. The first few days were spent working with physical and occupational therapy to determine his functional status.
“They worked me hard and challenged me in every way possible,” Scott says. “My physical therapist didn’t take no for an answer, she pushed me to the limit.”
Scott continued to make the most of a tough situation. He pushed his limits and did what had to be done. Although life changed dramatically for Scott, his rehabilitation has enabled him to adapt to his new lifestyle.
“Mid America gave me the support I needed to get through this hard time. Without them I may still be lying in bed feeling sorry for myself,” Scott says.
In addition to his rehabilitation team, his family and friends have been extremely supportive. Many have redesigned their homes to accommodate his wheelchair needs.
Today, Scott says life is “normal.” He spends the cooler months working on cars and motor-cycles. When it’s warm, however, he volunteers for Biker’s for Babies, a part of the March of Dimes’ fundraiser to aid premature newborns and their families. Scott goes by the name “Sidecar” and is an active member of a motorcycle club.
“I believe Scott left Mid America feeling the support from his team that he needed to succeed,” his physical therapist says. “Sometimes therapy is the best place for a person to go when the world is falling around them.”
Scott still visits Mid America periodically, checking in on his physical therapist and continuing to “give her a hard time.”

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