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Joe Charmella

Joe Charmella

One Friday morning in late June, Joe Charmella went to his computer programming job just like any other workday. However, he wasn’t feeling well and knew things weren’t quite right.
His instincts told him to leave work early that afternoon. On the drive home, Joe noticed his arm was tingly and he felt dizzy. But, it wasn’t until later that night that he chose to go to the emergency room at a local hospital. A CT scan revealed that he’d had a stroke, affecting his right side. He couldn’t walk, could barely sit up and had swallowing issues. Joe received a PEG tube and a pacemaker while in the hospital.
Joe can’t remember how or why he ended up choosing MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital after 11 days in a Kansas City area hospital, but, he’s glad he did. He received therapy as an inpatient in July and was with us several weeks. Through perseverance and a supportive therapy team, Joe soon had his PEG tube removed and began swallowing thickened liquids.
“All of my therapists and nurses were very professional, happy and very encouraging,” Joe says. “Lots of smiles.”
With expert guidance, advanced technologies like Dynavision™, and a personalized program, Joe walked out of MidAmerica using only a cane and was able to eat on his own.
“My therapy was instrumental in rebuilding my arm, leg and swallowing, with outdoor therapy being my favorite part of the day,” Joe adds. Joe is back at home doing his daily chores and walking his dog. He also continues his therapy in outpatient, working with physical and occupational therapists. He is able to walk independently and works hard every day to reach his next goal–driving.

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